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Is anyone out there who reads this hypoglycemic? I'm having a little bit of a tough time with this and was wondering if there were any other experiences I could hear about.
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Ummmm, no....

I just got a voicemail from the doctor's office.

"Yeah, Dawn, we got your ultrasound results and you have gallstones. We would like you to still go to your endoscopy appointment on the 13th, just for completeness."

Okay. So, you want me to wait until the 13th, wait for the results of that test, wait for however long it takes to schedule the gallbladder removal.....so that could conceivably be another month.

As I said, um, no.

I left a message with his practitioner (the one I actually met with - I never met the dr.) to have her call me tomorrow. We WILL be discussing this further. I want to know what you might expect to find because the gallstones accounts for all the misery I have been through, and I am not waiting just to appease your "completeness". Sorry.

I'm hoping that since she saw how miserable I was, she will understand where I'm coming from and take it up with Doc.
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Just wanted to put out there that from this point forward, for a multitude of reasons, my journal is going to be mostly friends-only. Anyone that would like to be added that I've missed, or that I may know through a friend of a friend, or whatever, is more than welcome to comment and let me know who you are. Part of this decision is hearing way too many horror stories recently about public journals and public information (even fairly locally), so I'm getting sufficiently freaked. :)

And another, just because.

Found this one in a Yahoo search. I'm almost afraid...

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